Monday, January 10, 2005


Why you may ask did I title this entry this way.....? Well lemme tell 'ya. Went to Walmart to get the oil changed in my truck before making the 150 mile trip back home. I had my digital camera on the console of my truck. I liked to keep it there to take pictures of stuff that caught my eye. well anyway they finished my truck i paid and scooted out. Got 'bout an hour away and realized my camera was gone. Of course called the store only to be told.... "SORRY THERE'S NOTHING WE CAN DO".
Yeah I realize that they have the sign up that states they are not responsible for items left in you car. But didn't think that it was also a license for the employees to steal. Am I bitter? Heck Yeah. I mean it was only a $150.00 camera but it's the principle of the matter. I used the customer service link to the main office in Bentonville, AR. No answer from them. So this is my rant against WALMART.
And of course you gotta shop there. They move in and run everybody else out of business. But I have learned my lesson. Never gonna give them the opportunity again to steal from me. Gonna watch them like a hawk from now on. And lock my stuff up for sure.
So 'nuff 'bout my great life. Hows things for you? Drop a line and say "HI".