Sunday, August 29, 2004

Travel nurse jobs, Diagnostic Imaging, Therapy, Oncology Jobs

Travel nurse jobs, Diagnostic Imaging, Therapy, Oncology Jobs

This is the agency i'm currently with. For those of you that are interested.

More Observations.....

Got a question for y'all. My gentle readers, why is it that the folks up hear call gowns Johnnies? Also the heavy cloth pads that we place under patients are called Chucks. I've asked and the only answer I can get is....They've always been called that. Anyone got an idea? I'm totally dumbfounded. kinda odd.
Yesterday I was on the balcony of my apartment, which looks out over the golf course, smoking a cigarette . All of a sudden there was a flash of something on the cart path. It was a couple of idiots flying by in a golf cart. Well, you might say, that aint bad....Well you may be right, but the fact that there is a sharp left turn and a bunch of trees at the bottom of the hill might change your mind. It seems that these two MENSA members were getting a running start on top of the hill and then throwing the cart in neutral and coasting down the hill. Of course they were laughing like two little kids. You thing alcohol had anything to do with it? Naw, of course not. Once at the bottom of the hill they were powersliding around the turn in the dirt there. Well I can almost hear the words now, "HEY Y'ALL WATCH THIS..." 'Cause on the next trip down they kinda hung a little long before turning. The cart tilted right, over corrected, tilted left, then right again, and wham, flipped the heck over. Thought for sure that the idiots had killed themselves. But the guy driving popped right up, laughing, and said "Now that was fun." I, of course, almost pee'ed myself laughing at them. Guess it goes to show ya that stupidity comes in all forms and fashion.
Well that 'bout covers it for now.Going to see Judas Priest tonight at the casino. Might be an interesting show. Anyway will write tonight or tomorrow and give ya a critique of the show. Y'all take care and leave me a comment.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

It seems that some people here in the north have a bad idea of the South. I ran across this a couple of years ago on the 'net and thought that it pretty well summed up my feelings of all things Southern. I hope you enjoy.....

I am always amused by Hollywoods interpetation of the South. We are still depicted as a collective group of sweaty, stupid, backwoods-minded, and racist rednecks. The South of movies and Hollywood is not my South.
This is my South....
My South is full of honest, hardworking people.
My South is colorblind, we don't put a premium on pigment. No one cares if you are black, white, red, or green with orange polka dots.
My South is the birthplace of blues, jazz, and rock and roll. It has banjo pickers and fiddle players, but it also has B.B. King, Muddy Waters, the Allman Brothers, Emmy Lou Harris, and Elvis.
My South is hot.
My South smells of freshly mown grass.
My South was the South of the Partridge Family, Hawaii 5-O, and kick the can.
My South was bird hunting, creek swimming, and cane pole fishing.
In My South Football is king, and the South Eastern Conference is the kingdom.
My South is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world.
In my South soul fool and country cooking are one in the same.
My South is full of fig preserves, corn bread, butterbeans, fried chicken, grits and catfish.
In my South we eat foie gras, caviar and truffles.
In my South transistor radios introduced us to the Beatles and Rolling Stones at the same time as the rest of the country.
In my South grandmothers cook a big lunch every Sunday.
In my South family matters deeply.
My South is blackberry cobbler, boiled shrimp, peach ice cream, banana pudding and oatmeal cream pies.
In my South people put peanuts in bottles of Coca Cola and hot sauce on almost everything.
In my South the iced tea is almost as sweet as our women.
My South has air conditioning.
My South is camillias, azeleas, wisteria, and hydrangeas.
In my South the only person that has to sit at the back of the bus....Is the last person on the bus.
In my South we still say "Yes Ma'am", "No Ma'am", "please", and "Thank You".
In my South we all wear shoes..most of the time.
My South is the best kept secret in the world. Please continue to keep the secret. It keeps the idiots away.

But it makes me wonder...If the South is so bad, why are more and more northerners coming to the South? Shoot if it's so bad, please remember. Interstate 55 and 81 run north as well as South.
Please leave me a comment. Let me know just how off base I am here.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I know.....I know......

Hello Kiddies. I know, I have been bad and haven't posted in a while. But work has kept me busy. And then I went to Memphis for a long weekend. God it was good to be home. Seems my son has grown a foot and his voice is changing. Makes me feel old. I sometimes wish that he was that eight pound bundle that would lay on my chest and sleep again. And seeing Julie was great too. It's funny how you can miss someone, but you never really know how much until you see them again. Had a great time with the folks and my brother and his family. I didn't want to get on that plane and come back here. Hurt way to much. But, only seven more weeks and then back to them loving arms again.
Speaking of planes, that leads me to airports. Atlanta may have a great airport, but it is spread out all over creation. They have a bullet train that runs underground to take you from one terminal to the next. Which is nice, but when you better follow instructions to hold on. It takes off like a top fuel dragster and stops like its hitting a wall. Kinda fun if your expecting it. But otherwise can be scary.
Atlanta has gone to great lengths to accommodate us smokers out there. They have smoking lounges in each terminal. Sounds good huh? Well lemme give you a picture of it. Picture a room
'bout the size of your average garage at home. Then put plastic chairs in it. And then about sixty people chainsmoking. I thought that the walls were painted a funky yellow, until on closer observation I saw that it was stained from the smoke. I tell you, I thought twice about going in there. But I was rapidly approaching twenty four hours of being awake, and I needed a hit of nicotine to jump start me. I don't smoke inside at home, so the smell was kinda overpowering. A quick smoke and I was outta there. Why do we do this to ourselves? Because we are addicts, that's why.
Memphis was nice. But when I got off the plane there and went outside, the humidity liked to have knocked me down. Geez, I forgot how bad it could be. And Julie said it was actually not bad that day. I forgot what it was like to stand still and sweat. How easily I have become spoiled to the weather in Norwich.
Well that about covers it for now. I promise I will do better and post more often now. Shoot I'm on the downhill slide to home. Lets git 'er done.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Greetings all.

Hey folks how's things for y'all? Things here are good. Work is.....Well, work. Not much happening there. Just saving lives and healing the sick. You know the routine stuff. I'm working with a great group of folks. Everyone seems to get along great.
I'm flying to Memphis next week. Gonna see the wife, the son, and the folks. It'll be nice to be around folks that talk like me. Flying from Hartford to Atlanta to Memphis. Amazing how you have to fly around the world to get to where you want to go. Seems that theyt would save money by flying direct. But I'm a nurse, not a flight planner.
Talking to another agency about getting to Memphis for the winter. Seems that my agency can't get me an assignment in Memphis, but this other agency says they can. I guess we'll have to wait and see. If not, I may just go to my old hospital and work PRN for the winter.
Planning on going to a Navigator game tomorrow. They are a double A baseball team here in Norwich. It's a farm team for the Giants. Seem to be doing pretty good. Guess we'll have to wait and see. But shoot, it's baseball. Cold Coke, hotdogs, and the crack of the bat. What more could you ask for?
When I come back to Norwich from Memphis, I'm planning on being a working fool. Looking for five to six days a week. Gonna accomplish some of what I came to do. I've played enough, it's time to get serious. Got some bills paid off and gonna work on a big one now. Seems I work more for them more than I work for anything else. Which leads to......
Tired of working for everything but myself. A friend once told me that I take care of everybody but myself. That I need to take care of myself every once in a while. Guess that's true. On the list of things I worry about I'm definitely not at the top. May need to rethink that some. What's your thoughts? Drop me a Comment and let me know.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Mohegan Sun Casino Fine and Casual Dining

Mohegan Sun Casino Fine and Casual Dining

Link to the Mohegan Sun. check it.

Big Bubba's BBQ

Big Bubba's BBQ

Southern Bar-b-que? Think not!!!

Went to Big Bubbas at the casino today for lunch as it was raining. Needless to say it don't compare to home style bar-b-que. Gonna include the link to their site and the casino. Interesting place. Check 'em out.

HMMMM.........makes you wonder why they had to pass this ordinance.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Yep my big tail is standing on two rocks in the middle of this stream. And yes, it is deep!

Don't see much of this in the Delta.

Nice huh?

Pics of the country side. Ever see so many trees? God, I could almost move here.

That Leonard Luck!

Well folks, you know in an earlier post I mentioned the Leonard Luck? Well it has definitely followed me to Connecticut. Let me tell you about it. Went to Walmart the other day (is there any other place on earth to shop?), to get a DVD player. You know there is nothing to watch late night on TV, so I got me some DVD's. Anyway I got home, opened the box got ready to set it up and realized that the connections are wrong. Old TV, it only has like a cable hookup on the back. Damn another trip to Walmart! So I'm gonna cool down, smoke a cigarette, make some tea. Open the dishwasher to get the tea pitcher out, and it has melted down one side. Seems that the washer was on heated dry. Musta been too hot. Much like my temper by now. So ok tea is out, get a Diet Coke from the fridge. Wouldn't you know, out of Diet Cokes. Temper a little hotter. Get a glass of water. Gonna go out on the deck smoke a cig. And for the grand slam of piss offs, I'M OUT OF SMOKES. Needless to say, was not a happy camper.
Now for the good news. I now have two tea pitchers, plenty of Diet Cokes, and double check the smoke supplies. Got back to the apartment got the DVD set up and enjoyed my evening watching DVD's. Just couldn't handle another night watching the Spanish home shopping club. Don't have the faintest idea what they are saying, but they are sure enjoying themselves.
Work is going good. About nine more weeks to go. Looking forward to the end of August. Heading to Memphis for a long weekend with the family. Can't wait.
So what's going on in your life? Drop me a comment and let me know. Tell your momma and them I said HI.