Thursday, July 29, 2004


 Howdy ya'll. Not much has been going on of late. Just working and trying to sleep. And of course, squeezing in a odd meal here and there. Like I need to miss many of those.  Have made  a few observations about the people up here. Of course other than being totally different from the good folks in Gods Country (more commonly known as the South). It seems that as soon as one of them come into the hospital they go totally beserk. I mean your not even finished with the admit stuff and they are climbing the walls. Darnedest thing I ever seen. Seems like all of them up here have a prior history of drug and alcohol abuse. Heck I don't even ask if they use drugs or drink. I just ask how much. And ninty nine percent of the time I'm right. I don't care what they say about the South. The north is just as bad, if not worse.
 Now for something totally different......The other night I was going to the canteen (read vending machines) for a Diet Pepsi. Now you all know I am a Diet Coke type guy. Why you may ask am I drinking Diet Pepsi. Well lemme tell ya, Diet Pepsi is all they got in this hospital. And It is about to kill me. Shoot I can make a twenty ounce one last purt near all night. Any way as I said I was headed for the canteen and Mark, a fella I work with, gave me some change and asked me to get him a "SNIKA" . I of course looked at him like a fool. He said "you know a candy bar? With chocolate and nuts and caramel". I thought about it for a minute and it hit me. He was wanting a SNICKERS. Sheesh, had no idea what he was talking about. Anyway I got a good giggle out of it. Anyway that about covers it for now.
 Going out this weekend to do some more of the picture thing. Gonna get 'em posted here as soon as possible. You wouldn't believe how freaking pretty this state is. Wish Icould bring it home with me. And leave the yankees here. Talk to you soon.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Good Morning!

 Good morning happy readers. Hope all is well with you. Things here in Connecticut are great. The weather is great. Heck, I don't think it has broken ninety degrees since I've been here. Can't really complain. Not much has been going on here since my last post. Just working, eating and sleeping. For those of you that work nights you understand where I'm coming from.  Decided to try something different this morning for breakfast. I mean, a brother can only eat so much cereal and pop tarts. Was tired of McD's and Burger king. So I tried the buffet at the casino. In retrospect, I should have eaten my cereal. I mean it wasn't bad......For casino food. But it definitely wasn't dads Sunday morning breakfast. And I'm still hunting for the perfect glass of iced tea up here. I do believe that it don't exist.  Thank God for my Mr. Coffee Iced Tea maker and my Luzianne tea bags. I don't believe that I could make it without these essentials of life.  The waitress asked me for my drink order. So being the Southern boy that I am, I ordered iced tea.  She promptly asked me if I wanted unsweetened or with raspberry. Now why in the heck would you ruin a glass of iced tea like that? Like to have lost my appetite right then and there. Yeah, like that could happen. Sheesh.
 well that about covers my days so far. Hope all is well with you and yours. Keep reading and send me some comments folks. Let me know this carpal tunnel syndrome is worth something. Talk to you later.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Sail boats, and check out the houses on the shore. Nice huh?

Conning tower Of Nautilus.

Old town hall in Mystic Seaport.


 Hey folks, today was an off day. And believe it or not the sun was actually out. So I decided to do the tourist thing. Went to the Submarine base in Groton. Oh by the way it's not Gr-O-ton as I thought, It's G-ROT-on.  Was pretty cool. Saw the Nautilus, first nuclear powered submarine as well as a museum on submarining. Had everything there from the first sub to a look at the future. Was most impressed. Of course, what really impressed me the most was the stars and the size of the knot on my head where I didn't quite clear the doorway on the boat. I mean it brought a tear to this ole boys eye. Why they gotta make them does so durn small? Heck for those of us that shop on the plus size rack it was a mighty tight squeeze. Of course the Japanese tourist behind me found it rather amusing. What I was thinking as they giggled is not really fit for publishing here. Lets just let it suffice to say that it involved torpedoes and a body orfice. You get the idea?
 After that I went to Mystic, Connecticut. For those of you that remember the movie "MYSTIC PIZZA" from the late eighties. This is the town that it was based on and shot in. Don't really remember much about it, just that it had Ricky Lake in it. And she looked like she had worked her way through quite a few mystic pizzas. But I digress. Didn't go to see the pizza shop, it just wasn't that great of a movie.
 But I did go to the Mystic Seaport and museum. This is a area that is just as it was during colonial times. Had great sailing ships there and all. Was kinda cool. They were having a special deal in one building there about the maritime doings of the world. As I walked around I ran across a film presentation on the Mississippi River. Traced the Big Muddy from its beginnings to New Orleans. Had a segment about Memphis, Tn. Really got this big redneck home sick. Shoot I sat through it twice. Just so I could see that part again. Really miss the family and friends. Heck I miss folks that talk like me.
 Ok, another reason Northerners are so pissed off acting. At least around here. You can't buy a COLD BEER anywhere in this state after eight PM. You all know that I don't drink. Got this info from a girl that works with me. She is a fellow traveler. She said she was wanting a frosty one at about eight thirty and couldn't buy one. Clerk wouldn't sell it to her. Said she had to drive to Rhode Island, and had to get THERE before Ten PM.  Boy, it is almost enough to piss you off. Needless to say she didn't get her beer that night.
Ok enuff for now. Ya'll send me some comments. I welcome any and all.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Good Morning All!!

Well it's another great day here in Connecticut. Temps are great. And I think I have moved to Seattle. We are getting rain nearly everyday. Sometimes all day. Supposed to last 'til next week. Guess will have to wait and see.
Work is going good. Heck sick folks is sick folks. Of course these just talk a little different. Told a guy last night that I had a PILL for him and he asked "a peel of what?". Took me a minute to figure out what he mean't. Then I just busted out laughing. Oh well sometimes I forget that they don't talk proper Southern English.
Not a lot happening right now around here. Got the digital camera. Gonna try to get some decent pictures to put on here. Show ya'll the great scenery up here.
That is if it ever quits raining. Oh did ya notice the weather thing over on the right? Thats so you can be jealous of my weather as ya'll down South slowly roast.
Hey had a thought on the way home......Why do they have braille writing on ATM's and keypads to open gates like at the apartments here? Are there that many blind folks driving that we need braille on the key pads? Think about it. And don't forget to leave me a comment. Just hit the comment right below this post. Take care.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Norwich Update

Good morning all, hows it going in your neck of the woods? Here in good ol Connecticut it's finer than hens teeth. Been working the last few days. Trying to heal the infirmed and cure the ill. Or as a friend says.....SAVING LIVES! The work hasn't been bad....Shoot they have a IV team that starts all your IV'S and drops your NGTs. The charge nurse takes off all your orders, calls your docs, and is really in charge. The PCTs take care of the patients and the nurse just gives meds. It's a different world up here. Don't know if I like it or not....But it's different. Taking some getting used to.
Let me tell ya, being a Southern boy I can't complain 'bout the weather. The people up here are saying it's muggy. It's been in the upper seventy's and lower eighties around here. Nice breezes blowing. Been riding around with the windows down, the radio up, just enjoying the heck out of it. Gonna try and install a weather thing on here so I can show you the weather here as compared to back home. Kinda let you see what the difference is.
I've decided...Going to get a digital camera today. And start posting pics here. Let you all see what it looks like up here. I just can't really begin to describe it. Very beautiful country up here. Too bad the yankees got it....LOL. No really the people I've met and work with are really nice. Onece you get past the accent and the way they talk....They are are really nice. They really get a kickout of my accent. Girl at work had me saying all the -AIN words. Like pain,vain,train,main,explain. She just giggled. thought it was just funnier than hell. And to top it of we tape report. Shoot, I sound like a hick to myself on tape. Can't even begin to imagine what it sounds like to them. The other day I had a foreign doc seeing one of my patients. Ok you got the picture, now let me put some sound to it for ya. Foreign accent, we've all been to the corner 7-11 so we know what it's like. Now add a New York accent on top of it. I stood there looking at him like he had two heads. Had totally no idea what he said. He went out to the desk and told the charge nurse, and she interpeted it for him. I thought it was funny...He didn't see the humor at all. Oh well, just can't figure some folks.
Well guess i'm gone for now. Tell your momma and them I said HI. And ya'll come back now ya hear.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Saw this in Kentucky. Seems like a great place to vacation next year. And to top it off....It's on BEAVER ROAD. Geez what were these folks thinking? Hopefully will have more interesting things to send ya soon.


Well all I can say is the trip up here was eventful. Long, hard ride by myself. Twenty hours on the road talking to the radio, and trying to keep from gettin run over by trucks. Everything was great until I got into Ohio. Gez, some areas was as flat as the Delta in Mississippi. Got into Pennsylvania and got on the turnpike. Two hours setting still, went about five miles, and had to pay sixty five cents for the opportunity. Gotta love it. Anyway this was about fourteen hours in, so I got me a hotel. After paying over two dollars a gallon for gas. And wouldn't you know it, I lost a centercap off my rim. So as you can the ole Leonard luck was in full swing.
Next AM was up with the sun. The mountains were beautiful with the sun rising above them. Stopped at Cracker Barrel got a good breakfast, although the sweet tea was lacking something, like maybe a little brewing time and some sugar!! Oh yeah let me tell ya the PA state troopers are some really nice folks. Nope didn't get stopped. Was on the side of the highway deeply into the roadmap, trying to figure a way to avoid construction. When there was a sharp rap on the passenger window. Needless to say I almost had to change drawers. After about thirty seconds of staring at each other I rolled down the window. A hearty "Good morning" from me, was followed by a "Is there a problem,Sir?" from him. Explained my problem, got a great answer from him. And I was off again on my lil adventure. Bet he didn't have near the laugh out of it I did.
Then it was off into the Nascar training grounds of New York. I can now understand why northern folks seem so hacked off. Traffic sucks, the roads suck, and everyone is in a hurry. Nothing like doing seventy five miles an hour in bumper to bumper traffic with someone a gnats ass off each door. Makes the Bristol race look like a cake walk. Think I had a guy trying to bump draft me in his Mercedes for a while. Thank God for the trailer hitch I got hanging off the back of my truck. Might have intimidated him a little bit.
Then into Connecticut, more turnpikes, more construction, more sitting in traffic. Seems to be the theme here huh? Connecticut is a beautiful place. Lots of trees, moutains, and quaint lil towns. As well gas for over two dollars a gallon, smokes over four dollars a pack, and some God awful accents. But I'm hoping to get some pictures posted here soon. Got a camera and im taking pictures, just gotta get em put on disk so i can put on here. Not at all what I expected.
well that about does it for now. Hope that all is going well for you today. And don't forget the comment button here folks. Let me know what you think thus far. Oh and please send me any great words or phrases you would only hear in the South. Like to throw them out there every now and then. Just to keep the yankees on their toes.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


OK folks i'm in Norwich and finally got the internet thing working. Juat a quick note to say that i'm here. A full post will be coming later after work.