Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey Hows Life?

Hey folks hows it going? Just want to thank all of ya'll that drop in and send a comment or e-mail. It's nice to know that someone other than my folks read what I post here. This blog has become an outlet for some of my frustrations.
Got pics of Bryce above for your viewing enjoyment. He's crawling now and into everything. it's amazing how something so small can be fast. Well I say small, relative to me he is small. At 23 lbs 4 oz and 30.5 inches long he ain't really that small. LOL. He's pulling up too. If it sits still for more than 30 seconds he's standing next to it. Bryce is getting brave too, he's starting to turn lose of whatever he's holding onto and standing on his own. So I guess it won't be long before he's walking.
Anyway, have a great day. Thanks again for dropping by.