Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sunrise over Murdertown

Took this picture from the heliport the other morning while waiting on a helicopter to bring in yet another unfortunate soul to the happy lil trauma center. Amazing how even in a town that is as ugly as Memphis, sometimes you can see something that might give you a little hope that the day will be good. And hey, I was only 'bout fifteen minutes from the beginning of my day off. So I was filled with good feelings. Ah life is good.

Fight Pictures

These are pics from the fights. Took with the camera phone. Not the greatest quality. But you get the idea.

Man at his most primal......

Just this past weekend I did something that every man should do at least once in his lifetime. No, I don't mean taking a set of twins away for a weekend of nudity and debauchery. Although that is on the list. Please post all applications in the comment section.
Here's the way it happened....It's my younger brothers birthday....I could say little, but as we are pretty close to the same size it's hard to say who is littler. but I digress, anyway the patriarch of the family (read that as Dad) gets four tickets to the Mixed Martial Arts fights that were at the DeSoto Civic Center here in Southaven. Now this is rather surprising, no not that Dear 'Ole Dad (Here after referred to as DOD) would do this. He and mom usually do some pretty cool things for their favorite sons on their birthdays. We could do worse for parents. No the suprise is that the DCC would have something like this in the homeland of Southern Baptist Bible thumping.
Ok here is how the night out started.....Jay (my offspring) and I met DOD and Rob (the afore mentioned sibling) at Smokey Bones for dinner. Great BBQ. Had a good meal and laughed at the other patrons. Generally a as usual night out.
Then off to the DCC. Nine different bouts of muscled and tattooed men doing their best to beat each other into submission. They do this with a mix of boxing and martial arts. Three five minute rounds. Sounds alot like gay porn....Not that i've ever seen any.....but I don't think gay porn has ever featured a guy getting chocked out, arm barred, or kicked squarely in the side of the head. This ain't WWE folks....This is true combat. And all on Showtime Pay-Per-view. And there was a girls bout....Now these are not truck driving females. They were more like aerobic instructors to look at them...Until one of them lays a roundhouse kick on you that can be heard in the parking lot.
And as with all big time fights there were the ring girls. They would come out between rounds and bouts and dance on the outside of the cage that the fights occured in. After a few rounds of dancing I began to think that these young ladies danced like strippers. And thats when the Announcer said to give a round of applause to the ring girls, all courtesy of THE PONY in Memphis. Those of you not familiar with Memphis may not know the Pony. This is one of the many strip clubs here in Murdertown on the river.
One the few not yet shut down due to drugs and prostitution.
It was a great night for male bonding, a chance to show our more primal side, let the testosterone flow. Shoot, men fighting, women fighting, strippers dancing, and beer flowing. Does life get any better? Well it did for Jay, one of the ring girls touched his shoulder and gave him a card for free admission to the club. He was all for going, but for those of us with other commitments (ie: wives and girlfriends) we decided to call it a night and go home. Secure in our manhood and riding the testosterone high.