Sunday, September 25, 2005


Still healing the maimed and broken at The Med here in Memphis. Love the trauma stuff. Amazing how it can go from a sleepy night to wide FREAKING open in like two seconds. Love going to the roof to meet the helicopters. Like to watch them come in. They have a lot of ex-military pilots working for them, and they like to be a little fancy in their landings. And their take offs. Trying to get some pics of the choppers but sometimes it just dont work out. But you know my job would be pretty slow if it wasn't for SOME DUDE beating the hell, cutting, and shooting everybody. Thats the answer you get when you ask someone "who did this?" "Some dude." Jeez this guy has got to be the busiest SOB in town. All in all I think it's pretty cool.
Of course working with the med students and residents can be fun. Esp when you know more than they do. But all in all most of then are pretty cool and it's fun to work with them. It just is kinda depressing that all of them are way younger than me. Esp when they call me SIR.
But anyway on the personal front. Not much going on. Dating a little but mainly looking for a house at a price and in a neighborhood that I like. Amazing how much they want for a house so small. Why can't I win the lottery and be able to buy what I want? Of course the fact that I don't buy tickets might have something to do with not winning. What you think?
Trying to spend time with Jeremy (my son). We are getting into a hunting club down in Greenwood MS. Really looking forward to this season. Me especially, I guess cause I know that probably after this season he is gonna be hunting those two legged deers alot harder. Guess I need to enjoy the time I have as much as possible. 'Cause before I know it he'll be talking to me just enuff to get the car keys and money. Geez, just thinking 'bout that makes me feel old!
Any how, thats my life to date. Drop me a line tell me 'bout yours.