Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I have given in,,,,,,,

Well folks, it has finally happened. I have given in to the evil empire of coffee....Starbucks. Seems I have fallen into a addiction to their coffee. It all started during the winter when we were slow. We would send out for coffee and I got hooked. Shoot it's not mom and dad's coffee. This is more like a dessert. Of course considering that I don't drink coffee, this stuff is like a hit of speed. Very nice. LOL! My heart races....and I just buzz right along on it. Of course paying Five bucks for a cup of coffee seems a little extreme....But we gotta feed the monkey on our back right. LOL!
Anyway...drop a line and say HI. Got the comment thing figured out so leave me a coment. Peace!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Memphis is well on the way to yet another record year for murders. Think the last I heard the total was hanging right around a hundred. And we are barely halfway into the year. And we haven't even hit the dog days of summer. It's only gonna get hotter and the mood here in town is only gonna get meaner. Guess that means business is gonna be good for me. Trauma is my business, and business is good.
Have been looking at living elsewhere. Just not sure where. Would love to find a Mayberry somewhere. but then like we were talking 'bout at work the other night, I'd be bored silly in an ER somewhere. may just stay here in good 'ole M town for awhile. Go to school and look at retiring to someday.
Speaking of retiring, one day I want to have a cabin in the mountains. And on this cabin will be a big porch or deck. This deck or porch will be looking over some type of water. Whether it be a lake, stream, or river i don't care. Just want to be able to drink a cup of coffee and watch the wildlife. Ain't it great to have dreams. Can only hope that this one comes true.
Drop me a line. Say Hi and tell me to wake up.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

State Baseball Tournament!!

Well here we are in Columbus, MS at the state tournament for the 15-16 year old age group for baseball. There are fourteen teams competing from all over the state. Jay plays first and pitches some. Supposed to go on 'til Sunday. Hope we make it all the way.
This pic is of Jay driving to Columbus. Those that know me, know how I feel 'bout folks driving my truck. Shoot the ex-wife didn't drive it more than two or three times. Anyway, he drove probably two thirds of the way. And did quite well too. I was much impressed. Guess my baby is growing up. And that means i'm getting old. Right? Heck no!.......I'm gonna start regressing. Figure by time he is twenty or so i'll be in my teens again.
Well gonna run now, I'll try to keep you updated. Hope we bring home a trophy. leave a comment...Say Hi.