Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Remember me complaining about the gas and cig prices? Well here is the proof. Julie tells ms the gas prices are better back home. I can only hope so. Oh by the way, remember me talking 'bout losing the center cap on my rim in PA? Went and got the replacement one today. Hit me for ninety dollars! Gonna have a talk with the good folks at Gateway tires when I get home. It's got me all pee-o'd again.

Updated. Finally!!

Seems i've been lazy 'bout updating the ole blog. Mom is on my case. Says that this is how she keeps up with her boy. Anyway whats new in my life? Last weekend went to Freeport, Maine. Whats so great about Freeport? It's the home of L. L. Bean. Let me tell ya folks....It is huge. Two buildings full of stuff. It's got everything from boots to boats. And it's open twenty-four hours a day seven days a week, except Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now that is great. Got a hankering for a new kayak at three am? Run on down to Beans. And they actually have folks there that know what they are selling 'ya. Wish we could get a Beans at home, it beats the heck out of Walmart.
The countdown continues. I'm now down to seven working days. Bout a week and a half left. Now i'm not saying that i haven't enjoyed my time here in New England. I really have. But its time to get back home. Missing J, Julie, and the rest of the family. And it's starting to get cool up here. Means it's getting close to hunting time. I gotta get home and check out the deer stands and get the rifles ready.
Leaves are starting to change up here. I'm hoping to be able to get some pictures before I leave. Anyway that's about it for now. Drop a line. Tell me HI.

More Pics from Freeport.

Great hats huh? Wished I'd found them. I'd have bought me one to wear.

LL Bean store in Freeport, Maine.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

NRA.org - Home Page

NRA.org - Home Page

The NRA website. Defending your second ammendment rights. You know being up here in the north I hear alot about Southerners all owning guns. Like thats a bad thing. I have a pretty good collection of guns at home. I use them for hunting. Yep thats right I'm a hunter. I shoot animals. But I eat what I kill. The deer that I shoot have a much better chance than the cows that provide the steak and hamburger that you buy at the local grocery. At least my kills are better for me than the steroid, antibiotic filled, and slaughtered meat that is in the cooler at Piggly Wiggly. And yeah I do offer up a prayer to God for the kill that I have made. Not for the kill itself but for the opportunity to live in a country that allows you to own guns and hunt. For the food that is being provided for my family. Hopefully I'll be able to post a few pics here this year of deer. Gonna take the digital camera to the stand with me. Who knows might get lucky.
While we are talking guns, I'm thinking about getting into bench rest shooting. What is that you may ask. Well it is the ultimate in marksmanship. It is precision shooting. Some of the best shooters in the country can put five shots in a target that can be covered by quarter. Well great you may say. But let me throw this at you.....The target is four hundred yards or more away. Think about it. Stand at end of a football field and look at the other end. Pretty far huh. Now multiply that by four. There are major competitions around the country. Lots of times it may have folks from the military or police forces or government agencies there to compete. And even some regular Joes.
But back to the Southern gun thing....You look back through history and in most of the major wars that have been fought by the US the military is made up of Southern boys. Why is that? Well heck, it's cause we can SHOOT. We grew up with guns. And of course the fact that poverty is high in the South might have something to do with it. The military is a way out.
Ok, I'm off the soapbox now. Ya'll have a good day. Drop me a line. Say HI. Or try to prove me wrong. I am open to any and all comments.

Travel Nursing - RN jobs, Travel Nursing Companies, and Travel Nurse jobs

Travel Nursing - RN jobs, Travel Nursing Companies, and Travel Nurse jobs

This is a great site for nurses. Covers about all the companies out there as well as hospitals. Has a great forum section. Check it out.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

As Seen......

As I go through life I see things that just plain amuse me....Here are just a few of them.

"The only reason some people are alive is because it's illegal to kill them"
"Your gene pool needs a lifeguard"
"Family reunions.....Not just for picking up girls."
"I didn't fight to the top of the food chain to eat vegtables"

Saw these on Tee Shirts around town here. Amazing what you'll see when you just look around. Oh got another good one for ya........Grinders. What is it? It's a sub sandwich. Geez, what is up with these folks. LOL. Steamers......Clams. Why are they called that....'Cause you steam them.
Just a few thoughts for the day. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Oh Canada.....

Last couple of nights I have worked with some girls from Canada. They are from New Foundland. I thought I had a ride up here. These girls drove like four days to get here. And the hoops they had to jump through to get a license for the States. Geez. I asked them if it was worth it, and got a solid YES. Seems that with the socialized medicine up there the pay wages are much less. Guess that puts Canada in the nice place to visit but I don't wanna live there list. Although one girl did tell me that I need to come up there moose hunting. Hmmmmm now that might be an idea.
Down to fifteen working days. Not getting anxious or nothing. Not really a whole lot going on around here right now. The leaves are starting to change. May have to take a ride into the country to see if I can get some decent pictures.
Hope y'all have a good day. Drop me a line to say HI.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

16 Days to Go!!

Ok I'm down to 16 working days. Thats four weeks. My birthday is gonna be my last night to work at Backus Hospital in Norwich. Not a bad birthday present. The wife, Julie, is gonna fly up that Friday. I'm gonna show her around here a little then that Saturday we are going out to eat with some folks that I work with. Then Sunday we are heading South. Back to the land of cotton, soybeans, good 'ole boys, and manners. God I can't wait.
I have decided that I am really pathetic. Got into a bit of a funk here. Guess it was the trip home the end of August. Got me really home sick and I was a real bear. But I'm better now. Still home sick. But I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. This is the longest I've been separated from my family. And I was trying to work way too much, and I got tired. This led to my being grumpy. To all that love me that I was short with, I apologize. Didn't mean it. Love you all.
Think I've decided to do the PRN thing at old hospital. Hope they can keep me busy. But heck, hunting season is getting ready to kick off. So it can't all be bad. Gotta restock the freezer. And I hear from my club members that we got a good herd of deer this year. Man I hope so.
Well hope all is well with you and yours. Drop me a line. LET'S GIT 'ER DONE!!!

Friday, September 10, 2004

18 Work Days

Down to eighteen work days left of this contract. Like the sound of that better than weeks. Not sure what to do after here. Home or travel? Who really knows. I'm at a lost right now. Any suggestions? Let 'em come.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Let the Countdown Begin.

Hey, yeah I know. It's been a while. Seems that I've been busy of late working and trying to find a new assignment around Memphis or Mississippi. Shoot, I'll even go as far as central Arkansas. Got a good chance of going back PRN at my old hospital and the one before that. It's just a matter really of my saying OK and taking the position. But I keep holding out for a travel position. Hope it comes thru. Not that I don't like my old hospitals, but I'm kinda getting where I like this here travel stuff.
Hmmmm....What's happened of late? Oh yeah, Priest was great. Rob Halford can still wail. It's amazing how great his voice still is. Put on a great show. Had a band called Shadows Fall opening up for them. Pretty good too. Heck they rocked. I highly recommend that you see these two bands if at all possible.
Yep the countdown 'til I head home has now begun. It's about four and a half weeks 'til I'm done here. Or even better yet nineteen working days. Of course that's four days a week plus the three left of this week. But I like the sound of that better. Backus and Aureus want me to re-up, but this 'ole boy is headed South for the winter. I hear that they actually get SNOW up here.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Drop me a line and say HI.