Monday, October 29, 2007

Jake the Wonderdog

As mentioned in my last post my uncle Jerry did a cartoon. Jake the Wonderdog is no longer being done due to my uncle's illness. But if you look at his cartoons, most of the pictures on the walls are of his family. It's funny how he incorporated them into his cartoon.
Jake the Wonderdog is not for kids. My uncle drew his cartoons for adults and so it hits on a more adult nature. But they are still funny. A lot of my uncles personality shows in what Ed has to say and does.
The website also has info on my cousin Tommy who has been missing since December 2001. It's hard to believe that it's been nearly six years. And still no further info. I'm sure that there is someone out there that has what is needed to finally allow my uncles family to find some closure.
Follow the link and look at the cartoons and drop me a line here. Let me know what you think.

Uses for the Internet....

Do you remember what you really first started looking at on the internet? Joe Cartoon I think was one of the sites that I went to a lot. Loved the gerbil in a blender stuff. Amazing the imagination of the guys that thought this stuff up.
I mean there is only so much porn one can look at on the 'net. After a while you become jaded and you gotta pursue other entertainment. LOL!
This is back in the old days when a 56K modem was blazing fast. When if you wanted to look at something like the cartoons and stuff you had to really want to look at them. I mean it was a wait for anything to download. Like eat lunch and smoke a cigarette wait. But Joe Cartoon never let me down. It was always good for a laugh.
My uncle Jerry used to do cartoons. He has a great sense of humor and is artistic on top of that. His cartoons were about Jake the Wonderdog. He did it all on the computer and drew the scenes by hand, using only the mouse. I find it pretty dang amazing considering that I can't draw a stick figure without a ruler.
Anyway, was just messing on the net and found this on YouTube and it brought back some memories. What websites do you remember from your fledgling days on the World Wide Web? Of course we all need to thank Al Gore for inventing it for us.
Hit me with a comment and let e know your favorite site. Later!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A night out...

Had a much needed night out tonight. I met some folks from work at The Creamery tonight and had dinner. We sat there for almost four hours just talking and laughing about things. it was nice to be out. I've been working so damn much it was beginning to feel like I was in a rut. I think over the next three weeks I only have maybe three days off. Then at the end of those three weeks I start a twenty-two hundred mile trip back home.
I've got a job interview with a hospital back home for an ICU position. I have just about decided that I dont want to work in a medical ER. I really love trauma, but can't stand the medical ER stuff.
Looking forward to being home. It'd been a long six months with only a thirteen day visit since I've been gone. I've liked the travel stuff but i'm ready to sleep in my bed in my house.

Hope all is well. Drop me a line and say Hi!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gotta Love It....

I'm not an overly religious person, and this I find extremely funny. I don't knock anyones religious beliefs, who is to say what is right. But this just rolls me up into a little ball. And when mixed with this song it only gets better.
It is amazing what a skilled performer and mass hysteria will get you. How can anyone watch this and keep a straight face? I for one would be rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. Of course I may be condemned to the deepest pits of hell to burn for all eternity for making fun of this guy....But then again he may be right there next to me.
Give me your thoughts and post a comment. Peace!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

80's music!

Lately I've been on an 80's music kick. There are lots of bands out there that are doing remakes of 80's music. I've found everything from Throwdown doing a punk version of Baby Got Back to Marily Manson doing Tainted Love. The video above is great. I'm sure that The J Geils Band loves this version of their song. It's nicely updated for now.
And as you can see I've learned how to post videos from you tube on my blog. So watch out readers, You never know what I'm gonna find to put on here.
Hows thinks going in your world? Things here are great....Working, paying bills, and counting days 'til im East bound and down. And yes i have found the video on you tube for this song. Just saving it for my last day here. LOL.
Drop me a line and say HI!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Snow Again....

Hey folks, was at work last night and it snowed again. I was like a little kid pressed to the window watching it come down. It was pretty cool. As you can tell it left a pretty good coating over everything. I was excited but the folks at work were like "God I can't believe it's snowing already." I am all for it snowing and all, just as long as I can get my tail out of here the middle of November.
Whats happening in your neck of the woods? Drop me a line and say Hi!

Monday, October 08, 2007

You Say It's Your Birthday.....

Well it's my birthay too, yeah. Yep the big guy hit the big 40 today. geez if i'd known I was gonna live this long I'd took better care of myself when I was younger. Had the weekend off from work. I did what did any self respecting guy does over his birthday, I laid my butt around and did alot of nothing. This evening I met some folks from work and went and ate pizza then had ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. Not very exciting I know, but it works for me. Not a drinker anymore and don't like the club scene. So this worked great for an old guy.

six more weeks and then a long ride home. Already started mapping it out. gonna try and do it in two day. Gonna be a lot of hard driving but I think I can do it. Of course this all depends on the weather and the roads too. Will of course have to adjust dependent on these factors.

Some of the pictures I've posted here of late come from a girl I work with named Mollie. She is our monitor tech in the unit. She is a hiker and is taking pics for me when she is hiking, so I can post them here. So any credit for the pics go to her.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

It Snowed....

Howdy Dear Reader, how are things in your neck of woods? Things here are moving right along.
Down to six weeks left here in Klamath Falls, then back to Memphis to work. Need to start looking for something back home. A brother got to work you know?
Anyway had a bit of a suprise this week. It SNOWED. It lasted about two hours but it was sure pretty coming down. And it has been some kind of cold too. Down into the twenties most of the week. Needless to say this 'ole southern boy been shivering a little. But it's all good.
Well, drop me a line and say Hi.