Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Jay has struck again. Went hunting the other day with his papaw. This was an afternoon hunt after his last day of school for the holiday break. He and dad hit the stands about two o'clock, and by four o'clock Jay was calling. He had dropped this eight point at about one hundred-fifty yards with a single shot. This was his first day to hunt of the season. He was of course quite proud of himself, much as dad and I were. They gave the deer to a gentleman that watches over dads hunting club for them. Dad's club tries to give him a couple of deer each season.
Bryce is doing good. Starting to put on some weight now that we are giving him more formula. He is changing more everyday. Starting to follow voices and noises with his eyes. Jay is just waiting for him to be old enough to play ball. Think he is gonna be a great big brother even if there is sixteen years between them. God forbid anything happen to me, but I'm glad to know that Jay will be around to help keep an eye on him and teach him things.
Hope your holidays were good. Drop me a line and say HI!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

More Pics

More pics of Bryce. Slowly figuring out that he can sleep at night. Just wish that it would be in his own bed. LOL! I think that he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And to think that I was scared to death about having another kid.
Thanks to Jodie and Pauline for the nice comments. Hope to be taking more pics of him now that he is staying awake more during the day. He has some of the funniest expressions. He'll wrinkle his eyebrows and look at me like "what the heck is this". Starting to work with him on saying daddy. You know you gotta start working on those language skills early.
Anyway hope that all is good with you. drop a line and say HI. Peace!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

He came into the world...

He came into the world in the usual way.....Jamison Bryce Leonard was born yesterday at 3:05 in the afternoon. He weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and is 20.5 inches long. Everything is where its supposed to be and working well. Especially his lungs and voice. Mom says he has my temper, I don't know about that, but he lets you know clearly when he isn't happy about something. Pics will be posted here as soon as I have time to upload them. Keep looking back.....He is cute as can be. And yes I am biased. Peace!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hey folks, not much happening around here right now. Just hanging out. Getting fatter and lazier. Still no baby yet, but got a doctors appointment on Thursday and he may decide to induce then. So maybe will have a new baby by the weekend.
Had a great Thanksgiving with the family all here. Ate way too much but God it was great to have a home cooked meal. I think I could have eaten one of momma's chocolate pies by myself. Well, looking back, I think I did over a couple of days.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

Well folks, made it home Saturday at about two o'clock in the afternoon. That's 2298 miles in 33 hours of driving. Was most glad to see the drive way at the house. I drove from Klamath Falls, OR to Santa Rosa, NM the first leg of the trip. I slept about seven hours then finished out the trip.
The last few days I have just tried to settle back into home life. Did a few things around the house. Got me a job. Will be starting on December third. Gonna be working ICU.
To all the folks that read this that I have worked with, thanks for the memories. It was fun and I will always hold a special place for y'all.
keep reading, the way things are looking pretty soon there are will be pics of Bryce on here.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Momma I'm Coming Home!

Well by the time some of you read this I'll be on the road for home. As the first video says, I'm east bound and down. And the second video says it all...MOMMA I'M COMING HOME! It's been a long time gone and I'm ready.
It's been good here but home is calling. Like the saying goes, no matter where I may roam there is no place like home. I've got my wanderlust taken care of, and now it's time to really plant roots.
Hope all is well with your world. Mine is getting better ever mile east I roll. Take care and Godspeed!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Two Days and Counting

Only two days to go 'til I'm on the road and headed east. That means two more shifts and I'm gone. I can't wait. It's been a long thirteen weeks. The folks here have been great to work with and all, but I'm ready to be home. My family is missing me and I'm missing them too.
Got the route mapped and burnt into my mind, all that's stopping me is the fact that I have to finish my contract. Plan to be rolling from here Thursday night after sleeping all day.
Hope all is well in your world. Drop a comment on me and say HI!

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Countdown

The countdown has begun....Only ten days left 'til I am headed home. The time seems to have really flown on some days, and has drug along on others. Have started doing some some stuff to get ready. Cleaned out the truck today, I can't stand to travel in a dirty rig. Gonna wait 'til a little closer to time to leave to wash the outside. This Wednesday is gonna be a laundry and pack day. I start a seven day stretch on Thursday to finish up here. So everything but what I need for those seven days and the drive home is gonna be packed and ready to go. I am oh so ready to be home.

My trusty staff photographer, Molly, has been at it again. She got me a couple of great pics the other day. One is of the sunrise on Mt Shasta in northern California and the other is of a rainbow over Lake Ewanna here in Klamath.

I'm gonna miss the mountains here. I have always had a thing for mountains and my last two assignments have fulfilled this desire to see mountains.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Drop me a line and say HI. It's easy to do....Just hit the comment thingie there and then type in your info and message. Even if you don't have a Blogger account you can leave a message. Shoot even my MOM can figure it out. LOL!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Jake the Wonderdog

As mentioned in my last post my uncle Jerry did a cartoon. Jake the Wonderdog is no longer being done due to my uncle's illness. But if you look at his cartoons, most of the pictures on the walls are of his family. It's funny how he incorporated them into his cartoon.
Jake the Wonderdog is not for kids. My uncle drew his cartoons for adults and so it hits on a more adult nature. But they are still funny. A lot of my uncles personality shows in what Ed has to say and does.
The website also has info on my cousin Tommy who has been missing since December 2001. It's hard to believe that it's been nearly six years. And still no further info. I'm sure that there is someone out there that has what is needed to finally allow my uncles family to find some closure.
Follow the link and look at the cartoons and drop me a line here. Let me know what you think.

Uses for the Internet....

Do you remember what you really first started looking at on the internet? Joe Cartoon I think was one of the sites that I went to a lot. Loved the gerbil in a blender stuff. Amazing the imagination of the guys that thought this stuff up.
I mean there is only so much porn one can look at on the 'net. After a while you become jaded and you gotta pursue other entertainment. LOL!
This is back in the old days when a 56K modem was blazing fast. When if you wanted to look at something like the cartoons and stuff you had to really want to look at them. I mean it was a wait for anything to download. Like eat lunch and smoke a cigarette wait. But Joe Cartoon never let me down. It was always good for a laugh.
My uncle Jerry used to do cartoons. He has a great sense of humor and is artistic on top of that. His cartoons were about Jake the Wonderdog. He did it all on the computer and drew the scenes by hand, using only the mouse. I find it pretty dang amazing considering that I can't draw a stick figure without a ruler.
Anyway, was just messing on the net and found this on YouTube and it brought back some memories. What websites do you remember from your fledgling days on the World Wide Web? Of course we all need to thank Al Gore for inventing it for us.
Hit me with a comment and let e know your favorite site. Later!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A night out...

Had a much needed night out tonight. I met some folks from work at The Creamery tonight and had dinner. We sat there for almost four hours just talking and laughing about things. it was nice to be out. I've been working so damn much it was beginning to feel like I was in a rut. I think over the next three weeks I only have maybe three days off. Then at the end of those three weeks I start a twenty-two hundred mile trip back home.
I've got a job interview with a hospital back home for an ICU position. I have just about decided that I dont want to work in a medical ER. I really love trauma, but can't stand the medical ER stuff.
Looking forward to being home. It'd been a long six months with only a thirteen day visit since I've been gone. I've liked the travel stuff but i'm ready to sleep in my bed in my house.

Hope all is well. Drop me a line and say Hi!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gotta Love It....

I'm not an overly religious person, and this I find extremely funny. I don't knock anyones religious beliefs, who is to say what is right. But this just rolls me up into a little ball. And when mixed with this song it only gets better.
It is amazing what a skilled performer and mass hysteria will get you. How can anyone watch this and keep a straight face? I for one would be rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. Of course I may be condemned to the deepest pits of hell to burn for all eternity for making fun of this guy....But then again he may be right there next to me.
Give me your thoughts and post a comment. Peace!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

80's music!

Lately I've been on an 80's music kick. There are lots of bands out there that are doing remakes of 80's music. I've found everything from Throwdown doing a punk version of Baby Got Back to Marily Manson doing Tainted Love. The video above is great. I'm sure that The J Geils Band loves this version of their song. It's nicely updated for now.
And as you can see I've learned how to post videos from you tube on my blog. So watch out readers, You never know what I'm gonna find to put on here.
Hows thinks going in your world? Things here are great....Working, paying bills, and counting days 'til im East bound and down. And yes i have found the video on you tube for this song. Just saving it for my last day here. LOL.
Drop me a line and say HI!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Snow Again....

Hey folks, was at work last night and it snowed again. I was like a little kid pressed to the window watching it come down. It was pretty cool. As you can tell it left a pretty good coating over everything. I was excited but the folks at work were like "God I can't believe it's snowing already." I am all for it snowing and all, just as long as I can get my tail out of here the middle of November.
Whats happening in your neck of the woods? Drop me a line and say Hi!

Monday, October 08, 2007

You Say It's Your Birthday.....

Well it's my birthay too, yeah. Yep the big guy hit the big 40 today. geez if i'd known I was gonna live this long I'd took better care of myself when I was younger. Had the weekend off from work. I did what did any self respecting guy does over his birthday, I laid my butt around and did alot of nothing. This evening I met some folks from work and went and ate pizza then had ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. Not very exciting I know, but it works for me. Not a drinker anymore and don't like the club scene. So this worked great for an old guy.

six more weeks and then a long ride home. Already started mapping it out. gonna try and do it in two day. Gonna be a lot of hard driving but I think I can do it. Of course this all depends on the weather and the roads too. Will of course have to adjust dependent on these factors.

Some of the pictures I've posted here of late come from a girl I work with named Mollie. She is our monitor tech in the unit. She is a hiker and is taking pics for me when she is hiking, so I can post them here. So any credit for the pics go to her.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

It Snowed....

Howdy Dear Reader, how are things in your neck of woods? Things here are moving right along.
Down to six weeks left here in Klamath Falls, then back to Memphis to work. Need to start looking for something back home. A brother got to work you know?
Anyway had a bit of a suprise this week. It SNOWED. It lasted about two hours but it was sure pretty coming down. And it has been some kind of cold too. Down into the twenties most of the week. Needless to say this 'ole southern boy been shivering a little. But it's all good.
Well, drop me a line and say Hi.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Hey folks just a lil update on life for me....The ultasound pic above is a profile shot of Bryce. To the right of the pic is his hand. Already giving a raised fist salute to the world. That's my boy.
Seven more weeks and I am out of here. Can't wait, I'm ready to be home and see to my family.
y'all take care and drop me line. Peace!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Day

Well today was the second of two days off this week. Didn't do much yesterday. Slept it all away. Today I went and saw Resident Evil Extinction. Was pretty good. Your regular movie based on a video game stuff. Lots of gore and fighting. Was kinda nice to just set in a dark theater for an hour and a half and let the world go.
Think I'm gonna go into work mode for the next seven weeks. Six twelve hour shifts a week. I might as well, not much else really going on. I've clicked with a few folks at work, and we've tried to get together a couple of times to go out. But something always seems to get in the way. So rather than keep trying I think i'm just gonna work my ass off and get out of here. Do what I came here to do. Do what I do best. WORK AND WORK ALOT!
I seem to be trying to make everyone happy and not doing worth a damn at any of it. I was told the other day that I was basically a shitty father. It seems that I haven't been calling Jay often enough. And I will freely admit that I hadn't been calling him everyday. But with the time difference and the fact he has a job's hard to connect with him. I try so hard to show people that I love them and support them, but I always seem to fail. Hell thats all I really do excel at....FAILING! I've tried to do better at calling him. But it seems when we do talk it's only for a few minutes and I feel that I'm interrupting him or something. But I will continue to call him and let him know that I love him.
So like I said...Just gonna work myself into a numbness and get the hell out of here. Try to maybe get something accomplished.
Strap on the feedback....The work horse is here and ready to go!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stress Reduction

You know nurses are known for the caring that they bring to work. You are expected to be diligent in all that you do for your patients. Most of the time to the detriment of your own health. I can't even begin to count the number of shifts i've gone without a lunch break or even a trip to the bathroom. You are expected to take whatever the abuse is that a patient or family member wants to heap on you. It doesn't matter how far backwards you bend to see that their needs are met. And if you don't then said patient or family member will complain on you to the next shift or even administration. And of course in this day and age of the client is always right, management will come down on you. Regardless of how well you did your job.
That's why I think that as part of the compensation package for nurses there needs to be a stress reduction day. A day when you can take out your frustration in any way you choose. I personally think that a day of boxing would be the way to go. Lace on the gloves and go a few rounds. Somedays when I leave the hospital I fill like I could go fifteen rounds with Tyson and not break a sweat. Just run off of pure frustration.
I'm not saying that every nurse has to box. Shoot you can go hiking or sky diving, whatever does it for you. I just kinda like the boxing idea.
Anyway thats just my opinion. Give me your ideas or comments. The trash talk is done, ring the bell and lets dance.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Found out this morning that my cousin was killed on the way to work. He was riding his motorcycle and someone pulled out in front of him. It may not have been too bad but Arkansas doesn't have a helmet law. Fom what I was told he was killed instantly. I can only hope so.
And to top it off my brother has bought a motorcycle. Never really thought he would, but guess he had to keep up with his brother in law who rides. Thankfully he lives in Mississippi, and they have a helmet law. I just hope that he gets this out of his system before something happens. He has two cute kids that need their daddy. I saw way too much carnage from motorcycles when I worked trauma at THE MED in Memphis. Don't want to see him there.
Peace! Drop a line say HI!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Crater Lake

Went to Crater Lake today. Needless to say it was really breathtaking....and i'm not just talking about the scenery. I mean the elevation was really something. This ole boy with the sea level smokers lungs was huffing. Couple of folks that I went with wanted me to go on a five mile hike up Mt Scott with them. I was like yeah sure. Not unless they got a helicopter at the top for me. Needless to say, I just hung around and enjoyed the sights. I was really amazed at the scenery. And how blue the water was. They say it stays at about thirty eight degrees. Anyway I wasn't going to hike down and dip my lil toe in it, so I just took their word for it.
Well, two weeks in on this contract and all seems to be going well. Been working ER and ICU. Amazing how after two and a half years of ER my ICU skills have gotten a little rusty. But things are coming together for me again. It's kinda nice getting a break from ER. Gives me a chance to reset the brain.
Everybody says that I will see snow before I leave here in November. I hope so, has been a long time since I've seen real snow. And you know why that is. Right? 'Cause Memphis is just close enough to Hell that it will never snow there.
Anyway, bed calls. Just sorting thru things in life right now. I have more pics posted on Flickr from Crater Lake. Just hit the MY PICS thingie on the right and it will take you to them.
Peace. And remember Karma is a Bitch.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Big Ole Burger

Went to eat the other day and was really starving. Had gotten the suggestion to try out this place called STARVIN' MARVIN. Figured with a name like that it had to be good. Anyway, was a nice restaurant. Pretty cool decor...waitresses were nice, served a good glass of tea.
Now what to eat.....Looked at the menu. Saw a bacon cheeseburger. Thought yeah why not. Waitress asked you want the big one? Sure why not.
Well lemme tell you.....this thing was 16 oz of angus beef. It came on a plate by itself. Now I got a big appetite, but it took me a while to finish this bad boy off. it was really pretty good. May have to go back and try the other variations of this burger.
Anyway, work is good. Life is good. Drop a line and say HI.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Hey folks, just a quick update. Have been doing orientation all week, nothing like sitting on your butt and getting paid. I mean there is nothing wrong with free money, but dang, i'm ready to get to work.
Was on the deck of the house here, smoking a cig and three deer walked thru the yard. And these were not just little puny deer. These had the makings of some mighty fine deer. Whats amazing is the fact that we are right in the middle of town. I'll have to take some pictures to post here pretty soon to give you an idea of what its like.
Was glad to see the good folks from Roswell checking in. Really do miss them. Had a lot of fun with them. Wish I could have brought them here with me. Would have been a hoot!!
Hope all is well with you. Drop a line and say HI!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Klamath Falls, Oregon

Well folks made it to Oregon without incident. Was a long ride but had a great time getting here. Saw some great country and had a few adventures. Picture above is from the Bonneville Salt flats. Couldn't come through Utah without going there.
Oh and if anyone suggest taking NV-140 from Elko,NV to Klamath Falls,OR kick them in the shin. This highway (?) is two lane all the way. Mapquest is crazy. But I did get to eat at a great little country store with a couple of ranchers. Was rather interesting. This was after coming off of a five thousand foot tall mountain at a eight percent grade. This means it drops eight feet for every one hundred feet traveled. Read that as STEEP!
Anyway folks...Hope all is well. There are pictures posted at the right. Just hit the picture thing thru Flickr. Drop a line and say HI. Peace!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Update from the Road..

Well the first day of travel is done. I'm in North Platte, Nebraska. Thats 809 miles from Jonesboro, Arkansas in 12 hours. Not a bad day of driving. Getting to see some of the country that I've never seen or will probably ever get to see again. Let me tell you folks, Nebraska is pretty if you like mile after mile of corn. After New Mexico all the green is nice. Wildlife seen today.... 4 turkeys and more deer than you can shake a stick at. From what I could see from the interstate they looked really big, But I guess that is to be expected from eating all this corn.
Ok to answer a couple of questions from earlier comments......Pictures of the crib will be posted soon in the picture section to the right there. The deal on the house came together for me at the last minute. So was a bit rushed getting it put together before leaving, but its 90 percent there. As far as when the baby is due...It's December 10th for a due date. There is a countdown ticker to the right of this post if you can see it....
Really like living in Jonesboro. It has just enough to feel big town, but small enough that you don't feel overwhelmed. Really gonna like living there.
Well folks bed beckons, so off I go. Hope this finds you well. Drop a line say HI. I'll be posting some pics from the road soon. Left camera in the truck. Peace!

Monday, August 13, 2007


Hey, folks! Getting settled into house in Jonesboro. Been busy busy. Now getting things ready for ride to Oregon. Will try to update from the road. Hope all is well on your end.

Friday, August 03, 2007


Ah it's great to be home. Got in yesterday about noon. After drving all night it was great to see mom and dad's house. And I think the bed was a close second. Trying to get thinks together now for Oregon.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Headed home...

Well folks, here it is the last shift here in Alien land, better known as Roswell,NM. I can say that I have enjoyed myself greatly while here. The hospital is great to work for, the town is not bad, and the weather has not been at all as I imagined it.
The folks here have been great. They have really taken a liking to me. And all seem to really be sincere when they say that are going to miss me. I know that I am going to really miss a great number of them. And the kindness that they have shown this 'ole Southern boy will always be remembered. I will carry a special place in my heart for some of them.
Hopefully we will be eastbound and down, loaded up and trucking this evening. To borrow a line from The Smokey and the Bandit. Plan on being home tomorrow afternoon. Lots to do before I head for Oregon.
The Road Beckons.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Green Chilli's

Ok folks I don't know about where ya'll live but back in the South our cheeseburgers come the old fashioned way....meat, cheese, pickles, onions, mustard and ketchup between two buns.

Needless to say I was surprised to see on the menu at McDonalds a double cheeseburger with green chilli's. Well being the adventuresome type I thought what the heck, i'll try it! Well after eating them pretty regularly (read that every day), I am totally addicted. Trying to figure out if I whine enough they'll get them at the McD's back home. Probably not!

Wonder if I can figure out how to do it at home? May have to take some practice at home. Anyone got any suggestions? Help a brother out!

Carlsbad Caverns

Feet Down: 750
Miles Walked: 2.5
Cold Dr Pepper: $2.50
Time with Jay: Priceless
Went to the caves at Carlsbad the other day. Had a great time. It's really amazing what time and water can do to rock. We stayed 'til dark and watched the bats come out. The ranger that gave us the information on the bats said that they numbered between two hundred and five hundred thousand. For about thirty minutes they poured out of the entrance to the caves.
I have really enjoyed the month that Jay has spent here with me in Roswell. I know that he has been bored. But have been trying to arrange things to do when I'm off. I think he's missing his truck and friends. One more week and then we are packing and heading east. Plan on being home next Thursday.
Peace and Love. Drop me a comment and say HI!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Missing Sunshine!!

Hey, have been thinking a lot lately. As if thats a surprise right? I really miss the Trauma thing. Yeah had a lot of complaints about some things there, but I really miss it. Loved the pace of it, and the not really knowing what was gonna be coming in next. Am hoping that after I finish this next travel assignment I will be in a shape financially that I can maybe go back there and work. If they will have me.

seems of late I have been seeing the sun rise, but I've been missing the beauty of the sunshine. Sometimes you need to see more of the sunshine to get life into perspective. I guess the realization that no matter how bad things may seem, the sun is going to rise and give you a new day to start over. I have decided to see more sunshine in my life and less of the darkness that has clouded life of late.
I think that is why I like the tattoo on my leg so much. The cross symbolizes faith. The cross is encircled in a never ending celtic knot, symbolizing to me that faith is never ending. And the sun backing it shows that in faith there is always a new beginning to life. I love that I always carry with me a reminder of the sunshine in my life. The day may be dark and gloomy, but I carry a reminder that everyday is a new beginning and the sunshine will return if you have faith.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Lifes many turns..

Yeah, you know how you make wrong turns in life. Sometimes you are able to reverse course and go back the right way. And sometimes you just have to find a new course. I am now charting a course towards being financially solvent. I want to be able to enjoy this childs life as much as possible. I wasn't really able to do that with Jay, but I plan on doing better at that with this new child coming on.
It's been said that it's never too late to be the person you wanted to be. Well, I'm gonna be that person whatever I have to do. I plan on being a better father, son, uncle, brother, and when the time comes, a better boyfriend/husband. It's time to get my priorities straight and start on that better course for my life.
Hit that comment button and give me your thoughts. Peace!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Amazing how something great can be turned into something bad. One does something in an effort to help himself out and all he does is catch grief about it. I just don't understand how someone can say they love you in one breath and then cast all kind of accusations in another.
Spend hours screaming at you, and then don't understand why you don't feel all romantic. I for one just don't work that way. It's amazing how love can be stabbed repeatedly thru the heart and still keep coming back for more. But some would say that KARMA is like that. Guess paybacks are a bitch aren't they?
Trying to get my financial life straightened out. Looking to do another travel assignment, then back to Memphis for the birth of my child. Then probably try to do another travel trip. Something close to Memphis. Hopefully will be financially solvent by then and able to slow my life down.
Well folks, if you want, hit the comment button down at the end of this post and drop me a line. Could use a little pick me up. BRING THE PAIN!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Tuff Hedeman

You may wonder why I have a picture of Tuff Hedeman on my blog. I work with his sister. She says he was a puss when he was a kid. Said she beat him up alot. I don't know about that, but I do know that it takes a real man to get on top of a pissed off bull. And hang on for eight seconds. But anyway Jane got me an autographed picture. Or at least she said its signed by him. LOL!
We went to the rodeo at Capitan the other day. No Tuff wasn't there, but we did see a pretty good rodeo. Had a good time. It's one thing to see it on TV but live is totally different. Would like to see one again.
Well drop me a line. Say HI!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Big Let Down

Well seems that my debt to income ratio can't be overcome. The bank says that I just have too many bills as it is to afford a house right now. Even with my folks helping out, it just won't be do-able. So now i'm between a rock and a hard spot. Do I head back home the first of August and take the job in Jonesboro and rent a place. Of course making less money. Which means that I'll have to work more just to pay the bills I got. Or do I do another travel assignment and work my tail off for thirteen weeks and try to pay off some stuff? Which in the long run would be better.
So what am I to do? Hell I don't know. Wish I was a kid again and had mom and dad to make all my decisions for me. Of course just being a brainless automation sounds pretty good too. Don't really have to think for myself, just let someone else do it for me. point me in the right direction and let me know just what it is that I need to do.
Anyone got any suggestions. Someone point me in the right direction. 'cause of late all my choices and dreams have turned to dust. Hope your life is going better than mine. Later.
If any of my friends from THE MED are reading this, please drop a line and say HI.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well folks,went to the Alienfest here in Roswell. Maybe because it was early on the first day I don't know, but it was not that interesting. Went thru the vendors area and got a few things. I think that the rest of the week was pretty good for them. I know there were a lot of cars in town.

Not really much happening right now. Just trying to finish out the contract and see if the bank is gonna let me get the house. Need to know something pretty soon. Got lots of stuff yet to do.

Well drop a line and say HI. Peace!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Hey folks, headed home in the AM for a vaction. Gonna see Jay, my folks, and all the other folks back home. It's been a long eight weeks, and I've been working my tail off. We are flying home for twelve days. Then it's back here for about five weeks.
I've got some job interviews in Jonesboro, AR and also looking at some houses. Just real tired of Memphis. Looking to slow down and quieten up my life alittle.
I'll be taking the camera home with me. So hopefully will have some pictures to post here. I know I have missed everybody back home alot.
Hope this finds everyone well. Drop me a line. Say HI!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hey Nurse!!

You know, one thing I have noticed since I've been here is that there is a total lack of time understanding here. Patients come off the ambulance stretcher wanting to know how long they are gonna be in the ER. Sometimes I just want to answer with an AMA form.
Or they start complaining about their length of stay in the ER. "I've been here for three hours. When is the test going to be finished and I can go home?" HMMM....maybe this abdominal pain you've had for a month is just not that important. Why do these people come to the ER and then complain about the wait. I mean, a three hour visit is great. I love to tell them that they are a head of the national average. Which is in the area of what six hours or so just to be triaged. I know that at THE MED in Memphis it was nothing for people to sit in the waiting room thru my whole shift and still be there when I came back in the next shift. Of course, a lot of these folks didn't have anything better to do. But I guess the Memphis folks were soldiers. They persevere through the trials and tribulations of an ER visit. No whining about the wait. Shoot, it's warm and dry. A TV. What else do you need?
I guess it comes from the McDonald's culture we live in now a days. You know what I mean, come in, place you order and be out the door shortly after that. Oh, but don't forget that these same people want a kind,caring nursing staff and doctors to spend time with them and actually listen to their complaints. Oh and please don't forget the warm blankets for the patient, family, and visitors. And do you have any fresh coffee? How 'bout some juice? I'm sorry folks, but do I look like Alice from Mel's diner? Let me break off from doing CPR on this ninety-eight year old to fetch you your hearts desire.
Wake up folks and realize that health care is not a trip to the store or McDonald's. You are not the only one wanting to be taken care of. No the nurses and doctors are not there to wait on you hand and foot. We are there to get you stable enough to go to the floor or ICU. Or maybe to send you to your regular doctor. And yes you do need to see the doctor we refer you to. That is why we recommend them. maybe they can treat your chronic problems and you don't have to wait for hours in the ER. Amazing how that works, huh?
Let me know your thoughts on my rant. Am I wrong? I welcome all opinions, even if they are wrong. Peace!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Heroin and Crystal Meth

Ok, so have I been living in a bubble or what? I didn't know that heroin and meth were so big. I mean, I know that crack was big back home. But, geez, it seems that there is a large population of heroin and meth users here. A lot of people here are users. And they all complain that you have to stick them a lot to try and get an IV on them. Well, all I can say is, don't complain because you have ruined your veins. I didn't ask you to shoot up, or suck on that pipe. You made a choice to do these things. You have to live with the consequences of your decisions. I don't. I just have to take care of you. I'm the one that has to find some way to get the IV antibiotics into your wasted venous system, so maybe that abcess from skin popping won't go septic. Maybe you will live to see another sunrise. Maybe see your children grow-up. Or not. I guess it's the will of the needle there.
Sorry folks, I guess i'm letting my frustration boil over into here. I find it so hard sometimes to take care of those who don't care about themselves. But, I go in do my job and hope that they make it thru the night. I know the needle is calling. And they have to answer that call.
Hope all is well in your lives. Drop me a line and say HI.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Just hanging Out!

Hello Gentle Reader, not a lot going on today. Just lazing around and doing a lot of nothing on this holiday. Think I would rather be working. But tomorrow starts a marathon of work for me. I start a twenty-two day stretch. yes, you read that correctly. Twenty-two days of twelve hours shifts in a row. That will take me right up to the day before I fly back to Memphis for a long visit. Well I say long, about two weeks. And then it's back to Roswell for another four weeks.
The bear in the picture is one that I bought in Riudoso. Have decided that rather than buying a tee shirt or hat that I wont wear, I'm going to start buying things that I can see daily to remind me of my travels. Saw this bear and kinda liked the way he had his head cocked.
Ok folks, drop me a line and say HI. PEACE!

Friday, May 18, 2007

waiting on Aliens!

Well another night at work is complete. Things are still going well. I work with a good group of folks. We all seem to get along pretty well. We laugh and cut up and still get the job done.
The other night Ashley had a guy that had been living in his car for a couple of weeks. He was staying in his car not far from the Walmart. You say OK, No big deal. Folks live in their car all the time. Sure they do, but how many of them are looking for aliens? He was waiting for them to abduct him. And he was at the Walmart 'cause we all know that everybody has to go to Walmart at some time. Including aliens I guess. He wanted to be abducted and probed. Guess we all need some probing every now and then.
We've been here for nearly three weeks and the only aliens I have seen are maybe of the illegal type. All in all the folks here have been nice. Really made me feel welcome.
Not much really going on. Life is good. Hope this finds you well. drop me a line and say HI. Peace!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Google hits

Killer posted about referrals from Google serches. Got to thinking and looked at my sitemeter. Kinda are a few.

azaleas growing on a wire ring Imagine the suprise on finding my post about the ring girls at the fights I went to. Number two here.

Is Kansas Considered a Southern State this is from Hit the post about my facts about the south. Number three here.

nurse funny questions Took some work for them to find me on this search. Only about twenty one million results. LOL!

Of course I got several hits from Killers readers. kinda funny how something that started just as a way for my mom to keep up with me while I was in CT traveling has become this addictive. It has actually gotten more hits than I ever thought it would. Any way gentle reader, I'll keep posting, you keep reading. And hopefully we can both get a chuckle from some of it.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mountains Baby!!

Hey all took a day trip to the mountains. And if you know me, you know that I love mountains. We went to Ruidoso. It's about an hour and a half from Roswell. It's roughly ten thousand feet above sea level. believe you me this ole fat boy was huffing a little. But all in all it was a great trip. Got to see some great scenery and did a little shopping in town. There was a multitude of shops that specialized in Indian stuff. Had a great meal at a Mexican place and then came back to the house.
Two weeks down and twelve more to go. SO far the work has been good. The pay is good. And we are having a good time. Hopefully the next twelve weeks will go quick. Peace!