Saturday, September 29, 2007


Hey folks just a lil update on life for me....The ultasound pic above is a profile shot of Bryce. To the right of the pic is his hand. Already giving a raised fist salute to the world. That's my boy.
Seven more weeks and I am out of here. Can't wait, I'm ready to be home and see to my family.
y'all take care and drop me line. Peace!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Day

Well today was the second of two days off this week. Didn't do much yesterday. Slept it all away. Today I went and saw Resident Evil Extinction. Was pretty good. Your regular movie based on a video game stuff. Lots of gore and fighting. Was kinda nice to just set in a dark theater for an hour and a half and let the world go.
Think I'm gonna go into work mode for the next seven weeks. Six twelve hour shifts a week. I might as well, not much else really going on. I've clicked with a few folks at work, and we've tried to get together a couple of times to go out. But something always seems to get in the way. So rather than keep trying I think i'm just gonna work my ass off and get out of here. Do what I came here to do. Do what I do best. WORK AND WORK ALOT!
I seem to be trying to make everyone happy and not doing worth a damn at any of it. I was told the other day that I was basically a shitty father. It seems that I haven't been calling Jay often enough. And I will freely admit that I hadn't been calling him everyday. But with the time difference and the fact he has a job's hard to connect with him. I try so hard to show people that I love them and support them, but I always seem to fail. Hell thats all I really do excel at....FAILING! I've tried to do better at calling him. But it seems when we do talk it's only for a few minutes and I feel that I'm interrupting him or something. But I will continue to call him and let him know that I love him.
So like I said...Just gonna work myself into a numbness and get the hell out of here. Try to maybe get something accomplished.
Strap on the feedback....The work horse is here and ready to go!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stress Reduction

You know nurses are known for the caring that they bring to work. You are expected to be diligent in all that you do for your patients. Most of the time to the detriment of your own health. I can't even begin to count the number of shifts i've gone without a lunch break or even a trip to the bathroom. You are expected to take whatever the abuse is that a patient or family member wants to heap on you. It doesn't matter how far backwards you bend to see that their needs are met. And if you don't then said patient or family member will complain on you to the next shift or even administration. And of course in this day and age of the client is always right, management will come down on you. Regardless of how well you did your job.
That's why I think that as part of the compensation package for nurses there needs to be a stress reduction day. A day when you can take out your frustration in any way you choose. I personally think that a day of boxing would be the way to go. Lace on the gloves and go a few rounds. Somedays when I leave the hospital I fill like I could go fifteen rounds with Tyson and not break a sweat. Just run off of pure frustration.
I'm not saying that every nurse has to box. Shoot you can go hiking or sky diving, whatever does it for you. I just kinda like the boxing idea.
Anyway thats just my opinion. Give me your ideas or comments. The trash talk is done, ring the bell and lets dance.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Found out this morning that my cousin was killed on the way to work. He was riding his motorcycle and someone pulled out in front of him. It may not have been too bad but Arkansas doesn't have a helmet law. Fom what I was told he was killed instantly. I can only hope so.
And to top it off my brother has bought a motorcycle. Never really thought he would, but guess he had to keep up with his brother in law who rides. Thankfully he lives in Mississippi, and they have a helmet law. I just hope that he gets this out of his system before something happens. He has two cute kids that need their daddy. I saw way too much carnage from motorcycles when I worked trauma at THE MED in Memphis. Don't want to see him there.
Peace! Drop a line say HI!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Crater Lake

Went to Crater Lake today. Needless to say it was really breathtaking....and i'm not just talking about the scenery. I mean the elevation was really something. This ole boy with the sea level smokers lungs was huffing. Couple of folks that I went with wanted me to go on a five mile hike up Mt Scott with them. I was like yeah sure. Not unless they got a helicopter at the top for me. Needless to say, I just hung around and enjoyed the sights. I was really amazed at the scenery. And how blue the water was. They say it stays at about thirty eight degrees. Anyway I wasn't going to hike down and dip my lil toe in it, so I just took their word for it.
Well, two weeks in on this contract and all seems to be going well. Been working ER and ICU. Amazing how after two and a half years of ER my ICU skills have gotten a little rusty. But things are coming together for me again. It's kinda nice getting a break from ER. Gives me a chance to reset the brain.
Everybody says that I will see snow before I leave here in November. I hope so, has been a long time since I've seen real snow. And you know why that is. Right? 'Cause Memphis is just close enough to Hell that it will never snow there.
Anyway, bed calls. Just sorting thru things in life right now. I have more pics posted on Flickr from Crater Lake. Just hit the MY PICS thingie on the right and it will take you to them.
Peace. And remember Karma is a Bitch.