Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Hey folks, just a quick video for this post. This has got to be the one of the best parts of my job. I freaking love playing with the helicopters. They call me the helibitch at work 'cause I'll go to the roof no matter the weather. It don't matter if its freezing cold or burning hot, i'm there. By the roof I mean the actual roof of the hospital. Granted its only like seven stories up..but you get a pretty good view of the city. And now that spring is getting here, before long you'll be able to see the lights from Autozone Park where the Redbirds play. Ah and May brings the Memphis in May bar-b-que cookoff. The smell is enough to make your mouth water. As much as I can hate this city there are some things to love about it.

And of course I work at one of the busiest Level One trauma centers in the US. Sum Dood is rampant in this city. And when Sum Dood is busy that means I'm busy. And life is good.

Y'all take care and and drop me a line to say HI!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

In the End....

You know that's what so great about blogging....You can post your thoughts and anyone can comment on them. Sometimes its good, bad, or indifferent. But all in all the comments really don't matter for this is something I do for me.
The great thing about life is that it's a death sentence in the end. There is no chance for parole. No call from the governor at the last minute.
Somewhere it is written:

we came to bury Ceasar not praise him,

the good that man does is oft interred with his bones,

the evil lives on forever.

I guess that all I can hope for when my sentence is complete is that the evil I have done is at least equaled by the good that I have done. My boys are my legacy to the world. I can only hope that they spread good unto the world and where ever I spend eternity I can look back on them with pride. For they are definitely my pride now. The house I own, the truck I drive, the amount in my bank account, the job I do, none of that really matters in the end. For all of this can be gained and lost in a heartbeat, my sons are a one time gift. All I can really hope for is that I instill into them a sense of worth, and that they do good for the world.

I bid you happiness and love. Drop a line and say HI.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ever get the feeling......

Ever get the feeling that you are trying to bail out a sinking ship with a table spoon? No matter how fast and hard you work your still going down. Kinda how I feel right now......Everything I have worked so hard for is rapidly sliding under the waves. It's amazing how fast the waters of life can suck you under when your keel has been ripped out by an iceberg.
One minute your cruising along, yeah the water is a little rough, but manageable. And then wham........Your whole world is spirling to the bottom.
Someone you thought was a gonna be there to help you, turns out to be the first to abandon ship. Oh yeah, and don't forget that they are the one that drove you onto the iceberg to start off with.
Anyway, Bryce is getting bigger day by day. I guess you could say that he and Jay are my life perservers. When I just want to quit bailing and give up, I think about them. There are lots of days I just want to stay in bed and cover my head and let the world go on without me. But seeing that grin on his lil face makes it alot easier. Jay is doing great, he's a junior and doing good in school. Still trying to decide about college and what he wants to be. But I have faith that his mother and I did a pretty fair job of raising him and he'll do well. Don't see him as much as I want to what with him working and school. And of course i'm working alot too. But he knows I love him and he loves me. So all is good.
Anyway, drop me a line and say HI.