Tuesday, May 16, 2006


This fine citizen of Memphis sits in the Shelby County jail at 201 Poplar awaiting trial for the murder of a two year old child.Yeah, this upstanding pillar of society killed a child.
seems he and some of his homeboys had a beef with someone. The best way to settle this was by shooting into a group of people. To heck with being a man about it and taking him on to his face, he fires a gun into a crowd. Now that is something to be proud of.Guess he showed everybody what a real man he was.
Of course the sad part was the fact that a child had to die so he could prove his manhood. Regardless of the fact that this child had nothing to do with the problems. This child may have grown up to just be another crack-head, but then she could have also been mayor, president, or the doctor that cures cancer. But now shes just dead. What a freaking waste.
I joke about taking up urban sniping as a hobby. Man, I couldn't buy enough bullets to put down some of the cockroaches that abound here in Memphis. Man, but what a worthwhile hobby this would be.
All I can hope for is that this fine young man gets what he deserves. And hopefully he picks up a few good boyfriends while he's sharing shower space down at 201 Poplar. Here's to hoping that prayers really do get answered. Peace!!
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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


You know I really love working in Trauma. Of all the years i've been nursing this is the first job that I have really enjoyed. I've been called an adrenaline junkie. Shoot it may be true. I know I get a rush from the call of "SHOCK TRAUMA BY AIR IN 15 MINUTES". And I love going to the roof to meet the helicopter. The girls I work with call me the helicopter bitch. LOL! I'm the only one that doesn't mind going to the roof when it's freezing cold.
I guess the downfall is the rude people that we have to deal with. It's amazing that you can work your tail off to save someones life and they want to bitch at you. Totally no respect for the efforts that you made. I mean I'm not looking for a medal or anything...Just a simple THANK YOU would be nice. I guess it's the culture in which we live now. You know what I mean, the it's all about me attitude. I'm gonna talk to you any way I want to and you can't do a thing about it.
I mean if you go to McDonald's, Walmart, Walgreen's, or any where else and talk to the staff the way we are talked to your tail would be going to jail. But you know, they are sick and they can't help the way they are acting. I say BULLSHIT, it's the natural rudeness of our culture and the patients that we deal with. I just wish that sometimes folks would think of others a little before they open their mouths and cuss out those that are taking care of them. but like I said....The only person that matters is ME!!
But enough of my ranting. Drop me a line and say HI. Let me know your thoughts on the subject.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Airevac.....Another transpot company that comes to THE MED. Good groups of folks here too.
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Cool pic from their website.
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The Wing! They transport the majority of our patients to us. Great group of pilots and nurses. Guess you could say it's an honor to work with them.
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New Term for ya!

Just the other night got a new term thrown at me.....Getting report from outlying hospital and nurse used this term to describe a patient.

Belignorant......A person that is intoxicated and ignorant.

Actually that could describe the majority of our patients. Amazing the number of people in Memphis that don't have jobs and still can carry around lots of cash. And don't forget the grills....Good Lord....It's amazing the money that these people pay for this crap. Oh well guess its a matter of priorites.
Another thing....Why is it people come off the ambulance stretcher looking for something to eat and drink? "I ain't ate in three day"...Well funny they only been in ER for like thirty minutes......What the heck were they doing prior to that....? Oh that's right...Drinking the forties and smoking the crack....What a life.....!
Anyway....Enough of my rambling....Drop me a line...Say HI.